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Roasted Mesquite Seedpods - coffee-alternative

No Caffeine Zero Acidity

In a world that thrives on caffeine-driven mornings and high-octane espresso shots, there's a beverage that beckons you to step off the beaten path.
MannaBrew is not just a coffee alternative; it's an invitation to embark on a journey that transcends taste and tradition. As you take that first sip, you're entering a realm where every element of flavour, sustainability, and community
intertwines to create something truly extraordinary.

MannaBrew is a symphony of nature's goodness, a 100% organic beverage that sings with the spirit of the hardy Mesquite tree. But what sets it apart from the rest of the
coffee alternatives are its caffeine-free charm; the story behind every drop makes
it's a beverage worth savouring.

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Our Story

MannaBrew, more than coffee

MannaBrew change the lives of the local workers who collect the seedpods

The Harvest

When you sip MannaBrew, you become a steward of the land, a guardian of the Karoo region in South Africa. We've ventured into the heart of this arid landscape to source the seedpods of the wild Mesquite trees.

But this endeavour is no ordinary harvest; it's an annual ritual, a race against time. We gather just enough Mesquite seed pods to sustain our production until the next harvest season, ensuring that MannaBrew remains as rare as the desert's hidden gems.


With every cup of MannaBrew, you're not just tasting the Karoo's essence; you're partaking in a mission to prevent the spread of invasive Mesquite trees, conserve precious underground water, and create meaningful job opportunities for the local community. It's a journey where every sip echoes with purpose and every flavour note carries a legacy.

Environmental Impact and Social Heart

But it's not just about tantalising your taste buds. MannaBrew is a cup of conscience, a beverage that nourishes both your soul and the planet.

With every sip, you're saying yes to sustainable practices, supporting the environment, and uplifting the local community. It's a commitment to a better world, one cup at a time.


Our slow-roasting process is an art form in itself, a dance of time and temperature that carefully teases out the distinctive caramel, vanilla, and nutty notes of the Mesquite seed pods.

It's this meticulous craftsmanship that creates a
flavour profile unlike any other coffee substitute. MannaBrew is an orchestra of taste, a symphony that resonates with your senses, from the first fragrant whiff to the last lingering aftertaste.

The ”Coffee”

So, step into the world of MannaBrew, where flavour meets purpose, where tradition
intertwines with innovation, and where every sip is an adventure. Replace your morning routine with something exceptional. Let MannaBrew be your gateway to a
Mesquite dream—a journey that starts with a cup and continues with a legacy.

"...every sip echoes with purpose


every flavour note carries a legacy..."

The Numbers Tell The Story

stopping the spread of the Mesquite trees, saving water and creating jobs.

Stopping the Spread of Mesquite Trees

Stopping the Spread

A single 226g MannaBrew box holds approximately 75 Mesquite seed pods, totalling about 1125 seeds. Research reveals that an average of 35% of these seeds sprout within the first year.
Consequently, every MannaBrew box has the capacity to thwart the invasion of 393 new trees into precious farmland within a year. This impact multiplies significantly as each Mesquite tree generates more seeds, presenting a potent strategy for curbing the expansion of this invasive species and safeguarding agricultural
land for years to come.

Saving Water

Water Conservation

A typical Mesquite tree (2.5 to 3.5 meters in height) consumes approximately 60 litres per day. By choosing MannaBrew (per 226g box), you contribute to conserving about 8 million litres of vital underground water annually, significantly reducing the strain on this precious resource.


Creating Jobs

Generating Employment

The annual harvesting of Mesquite seedpods engages around a thousand people. This holds great significance as the Northern Cape, the harvesting region, grapples with a staggering 40%
unemployment rate. Savouring MannaBrew isn't just about a wholesome beverage; it's about preserving the Northern Cape's ecosystem and transforming the fortunes of innumerable harvesters. Each purchase carries the dual benefit of supporting ecological conservation and alleviating unemployment, underlining the positive impact of your choice in the grand tapestry of lives and the environment.


Why Organic Certification?

Having MannaBrew certified as Organic is to create peace of mind.

No artificial chemicals

Mesquite coffee-alternative are made with wild harvested, organic Mesquite seed pods which were not treated with fertilizers, pesticides or added chemicals.

More Nutrients

Organic Mesquite coffee-alternative contains more nutrients than normal coffee, which are beneficial for your health.

Sustainable harvesting

As the Mesquite trees are invasive alien trees, harvesting the seed pods helps to protect the environment from further infestation, protecting valuable farmland and scarce underground water reserves to sustain livelihoods for the local people.

The Mesquite Processing Plant is FSSC 22000 v5.1 Certified       

This means the highest Food Safety and Security Processes are followed to guarantee the best quality and safety for you.

The FSSC Certification also provides the end user with peace of mind regarding the traceability of the product.

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